Sebastian Yousef
Electronics Engineer, Bochum

Innovative Lead Engineer with a fundamental knowledge base and about 15 years of professional experience in several industrial fields.

System Architectures
Semiconductor Technology
Electronics Design
Software Development
Technical Project Mgmt.
M/L & Artificial Intelligence


Hochschule Düsseldorf HSD, Master of Science
February 2007 – May 2009, Düsseldorf Germany
• Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
• Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Physics
• Signal Distribution and Signal Processing
• System Theory und Computer Science
• Master-Thesis at C. Rob. Hammerstein GmbH (Tier1): Hardware and Software Development for EOL quality assurance for electrical Seat-Actuators
• Final Mark: 1.0

Hochschule Düsseldorf HSD, Bachelor of Science
October 2003 – January 2007, Düsseldorf Germany
• Electrical Engineering and Microtechnology
• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
• Bachelor-Thesis at Vorwerk Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG (OEM): Hardware and Software Development for random sample quality assurance of rotary potentiometers applied to Thermomix
• Final Mark: 1.3

Heinrich-Hertz-Berufskolleg, Technician for Communication Systems
January 1999 – August 2002, Düsseldorf Germany
• Education to Telecommunications Technician


SmartSigma – Development of modular Sensor-Platform with LoRaWAN Communication Technology
May 2020 – present
• SmartSigma as a freelance project to focus on LoRaWAN Sensors
• Goal to define modular LoRaWAN platform for applied sensors in the field
• Practically created use case studies for waste monitoring, parking lot monitoring and digital pest control together with interested companies.
• Receiving govermental Start-Up Grant from state North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) for this new approach
• Platform to enable reduced time-to-market for Companies and Start-Ups in that field of technology